You just got asked out on a date. What do you do? Get into panic mode because you like this guy and you’ll do whatever it takes to impress him. Right?! The first thing that comes to your mind is what I should wear and the make-up that must follow. You’ll feel the butterflies in your stomach and the anticipation will almost kill you when you are getting ready. In the quest to impress him, you’d want to try all sorts of things, right from a new hairdo, lippie or liner style to the outfit and shoes. But, what’s the actual key to a fabulous date, you’ll find below.
It’s true that if you look good you’ll feel great about yourself which is important, hence we are here to guide you through nailing a flawless date look.
Find below six beauty tips on how to prep for your date night:

1. Before taking a shower…
…pamper yourself by applying a face mask that’s meant to moisturise your skin completely. Relax for 10-15 minutes and enjoy a mini spa-day at home. Your date deserves to see your most refreshed self! (See our

2. Create eyes that flatter
Your eyes must be the main highlight; one look and your date should be flattered. Use a high-curl mascara and then apply a set of effortlessly chic false eyelashes (See our to give your eyes a beautiful lift in the most subtle way. You don’t want to overdo it! Next, sweep the thinnest line with a precision pen eyeliner in black for eyes that speak louder than words. (See our

3. It’s all about the base…face
Make sure your foundation is good because your makeup follows afterwards. Cleanse, moisturize and conceal to ensure an ethereal, glowing face for your date night look. Remember to use an oil-free moisturizer to avoid pasty skin.
4. Keep it natural…
…because a natural look is something your man will appreciate. FYI, too much make-up is considered to be the biggest turn off for men, but if you love heavy make-up then it shouldn’t matter. It’s all about just being “you”. Focus on highlighting your best features.
5. Let your lips do the talking…kissing
Use a lip balm that gently plums and deeply nourishes your lips. Carry one in your handbag to avoid chapped lips at all times, especially date nights. Later, dress your lips with a light sheen (gloss) liquid lipstick (See Don’t go overboard with the gloss, sticky lips are a big NO! NO! for men. All you got to do is flash a lovely smile and have a great time.

6. Be real, be unique, be YOU!
Whichever beauty routine you decide to opt for-winged eyeliner, smoky eyes, matte look, or glitter, just make sure it’s what you love and it depicts who you truly are. Most importantly, you have to be comfortable and relaxed in front of your date. Do not pretend to be someone else, because that isn’t going to help in the long run. It’s alright to enhance your looks, just don’t try to imitate someone else because you think he just might like you more. Bad idea girls! Keep it real, keep it simple and leave the drama behind, that’s the trick.
Lastly, don’t try too hard to get his attention. Look your best and just be yourself—he’ll love you for who you are.
Go ahead, sweep him off his feet like a GLOWboss!

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